I'm a Harperman!

"Harperman": It's a partisan folk song that got a left-wing Ottawa civil servant in trouble.

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant says:

"'Harperman' mocks Prime Minister Harper for many things. It's basically a list of conservative values.

"I guess that makes me a Harperman, too! I don't take it as an insult -- It's a summary of what I believe in!

"So we at The Rebel have created a simple new T-shirt that proudly says, 'I’m a Harperman.' It’s going to drive all my left-wing friends nuts!

"I can hardly wait to start wearing mine around town. I just know it will make every hippie, eco-activist, university professor and journalist furious. And every hard-working, law-abiding, patriotic Canadian will give me a knowing thumbs-up!"

This t-shirt is already our bestselling design so far. By popular demand, we've added a women's version, too. Get yours now to wear during the election campaign, and beyond!